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Question everything. Over the past ten years, we've interviewed 1800+ people from around the globe, searching for the truth and exploring the spirit world. We collaborate with renowned thought leaders to unlock your intuition, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration. Everything is a possibility!

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8-12-22: GOLDEN AGE TIMELINE & EMPOWERING the ATOMIC BODY the UNIVERSE WITHIN. How To Communicate w. the Atoms To Recreate Who You Are! UK Healer Ian Welch, Natural Healer - Psychic - Clairvoyant.

8-1-22: HUMAN GEOMETRY MEDICINE & The Awakening Consciousness w. Nirmala, Ph.D

7-29-22: THE VENUS TWINS, Andromedan Council of 9, Spaceship Enterprise, New Earth "Aurora", the Protectors, & Great Awakening, w. Georgie & Claire.

7-27-22: Part 2: WHAT'S BEYOND THE ANTARCTICA ICE WALL? The 7 Continents, Outside the Ice Wall Continents Atlantis, Lemuria, and Tartaria, Frequency Variants, Monopole, Dipole, Firmament, Inner Earth, Surface Dwellers, & the Great Re-Awakening w. Jim Girouard

7-25-22: GENE DECODE 🔥 KNOW THINE ENEMY, The 3 Popes (White, Grey, Black), Black Nobility, & more!

THE SOVEREIGN PROJECT, Escape the System & Reclaim YOUR Power! Learn Your Rights and Freedoms. Lawful vs. Legal. Sovereign or Slave? You Have Supreme Authority Over Your Own Life! The Choice is YOURS. "Your rights are never actually taken; you are tricked into giving them away."

7-21-22: THE STARSEED ASCENSION PHENOMENON, Great Planetary Shift, Ascension, Arcturians, Galactic Connections, Root Chakra, "Light Intoxication", Ego, Cosmic Inheritance, & more w. Alexander Quinn, ET/Spirit Contactee, & Starseed.

7-17-22: STOP WORLD CONTROL "The Battle For Humanity & The Real Solution", Absolute Rulers, W.H.O., Ukraine, Hybrid Humans, mRNA, Great Reset, Puppet Masters, Elections, Trump, and more w. David Sorensen, Founder of Stop World Control.

7-13-22: JASON Q, The MIND WAR.

7-13-22: HEALTH & HAPPINESS For Young People! Self Embodiment, Manifestation, & Healing w. Shelly Lifshin, Youth Life Coach & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

7-11-22: Part 1: WHAT'S BEYOND THE ANTARCTICA ICE WALL? False Timelines, Dimensional Realms, The Book of Sarah, Firmament, Altantis, Cern, Alliance & Deepstate, Dark Dream Agents, & Guardians of The Looking Glass w. Jim Girouard.

7-9-22: SPIRITUAL INSOMNIA, The School of Sacred Knowledge, Metaphysical Truths Behind Life, Death & The Afterlife, What Happens After We Die, What Is The Meaning of Life? Who IS Really in Control?, Man-Made Religions, Human Cycle, Reincarnation, Ascension, & Healing Power of Music w. Renaissance Man Steven Machat.

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