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Question everything. Over the past ten years, we've interviewed 1800+ people from around the globe, searching for the truth and exploring the spirit world. We collaborate with renowned thought leaders to unlock your intuition, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration. Everything is a possibility!

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12-6-21: JOAN OF ANGELS, Get Your Angel Wings On & Step Into The Miraculous! Soul Awakening Guidance and Activations.

12-3-21: ASCENSION JOURNEY, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS! The Prosperity Plan or Poverty Plan - It's Your Choice. You Can Heal Your Life. It's All An Inside Job. w/ Founder of Empower Network, Kornelia Stephanie.

12-3-21: JASON Q - Q.F.S. EXPLAINED! In case you missed the LIVE show :)

PART 1 of 2: 12-1-21: MED BED IN YOUR POCKET!! Protection from 5G, COVID, & SPIKE PROTEIN, Co-Created by Russian Scientists & OFF-WORLD intelligence, a Benevolent Angelic Race From BEYOND Earth!!

SPECIAL REPORT w/ SEAN MORGAN at his BEST!! 'STOP THE STEAL' Movement, BlackRock - FEEDING THE BEAST, Kyle Rittenhouse, Mike Lindell, Ghislaine Maxwell Appeal, Biden to Hire 80K IRS Agents, Jeff Bezos Donates $100M to Obama, Mid-Term Election Update, Red Tsumami, Crypto & More!

11-23-21: PREPARING The COLLECTIVE For 2022! Bridging Atlantis & Lemuria, Forced Initiation, 7 States of Consciousness, Mastery of Christ Consciousness, New Group Rising, New Leaders, Dark Night of The Soul, Underworld Coming to the Surface, Polarities of Neptune, Remember The Truth & more w/ Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor.

11-21-21: DEATH BECOMES HER "Everything You EVER Wanted To Know About The AfterLife". 4 Exit Points, Sacred Contracts, Life Review, What Happened at 911, Traumatic Deaths & Suicides, Karma, Returning to Spiritual Maturity, OBE, Soul Travel, w/ Mariel Forde Clarke, Spirit Mid-Wife & Shaman

11-17-21: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ADAM WALSH? Sister, Meghan Walsh SPEAKS. Daughter of John Walsh (America's Most Wanted), Speaking Up For The Truth. Justice For Adam.

11-15-21: CHANNELED MESSAGES w/ ADIRONNDA COUNCIL of the 17th DIMENSION by Marilyn Harper, “Vessel & Divine Link" on Emerald Fire, Pleiadian Gateway, 144 Dimensions, 12 Root Races, Galatic Akash, NEW Moon Coming, Stargate Portal, Real Enemy, B.S. Belief Systems, Why Duality Was Created, Ascension, Manifiastion, & much more!

11-11-21: DILARA ESENGIL Hollywood Attorney, on Frequency Correction Machines, Time Travel, Telepathy, Nesara, Banking Systems, QFS, Crypto, Market Crash, & More!

11-8-21: ADVANCED ARCTURIAN HYBRID AVATAR, Viviane Chauvet on Master Sananda, Ascension Timeline, Council of Elders, Intergalactic Frequency, Holographic Healing, Galactic Federation & Masters Protocol, Reptilians & much more!

11-7-21: 11-11 GOLDEN STARGATE HEAVEN ON EARTH ACTIVATION, Humanity's New Light Codes, Bringing In The Higher Dimensions For The New Golden Age & Activating New Master Cells w/ Jennifer Ashira Ra, "Giver of Codes".

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