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Question everything. Over the past ten years, we've interviewed 1800+ people from around the globe, searching for the truth and exploring the spirit world. We collaborate with renowned thought leaders to unlock your intuition, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration. Everything is a possibility!

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5-17-22: The AGENDA Behind the Pregnant "MAN" (Calvin Klein's Mothers Day Ad) w. Dr. Pastor James Calvin Tibbs


5-3-22: ELIXIR OF THE GODS & ASCENSION SYMPTOMS RELIEF! Quantum CELLULAR Technology Powered by Redox™ w. Guest Speakers Dr. David Silverman & Danielle Matthews, Asea Diamond Executive

5-3-22: 2022 ATTUNEMENTS & PREDICTIONS! What's Going on in the World, How To Raise Frequency, Flow w. Life Easily, New Paradigm, Breathwork, Manifestation Formula, Clear Genetic Karmic Patterning, w. The Transformation Goddess of Light & Mystic Intuitive, Audrye Now.

4-27-22 The GNOSTIC GOSPELS with Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray”.

The ASCENSION HANDBOOK, Ascension Path, Lemurians, Telos, Mt Shasta, 4D, 5D, Dimensions & Densities, False Ascension Information, Zero Time, Chakra System, & more w. Lowell Johnson, Lemurian Emissary.

4-20-22 A GREATER REALITY Out-of-Body Travel, Astral Travel and Remote Viewing: Definition, Similarities, Differences, Spiritual Potential and Related Hierarchies' w. Marilynn Hughes

4-19-22: SECRETS To HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL LIVING. Supercharge Your Consciousness Towards Enlightenment w. Brent Michael Phillips, known as #1 Most Powerful American Healer & Spiritual Teacher.

4-17-22: USING ASTROCARTOGRAPHY TO NAVIGATE YOUR BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! The Power of Astrology: Astrocartography, Natal, Predictive, Relationship Synastry / Composite w. Jane Masteller.

4-13-22 HIVE MIND w. Jane De Forest, Psychic Medium, Shaman, & Bee Communicator

4-13-22: Healing Historical Trauma in the Earth's Planetary Grid & Crystalline Soul Healing w. Viviane Chauvet, Advanced Acturian Hybrid Avatar.

4-12-22 HEALING GLOBAL MIND CONTROL & LIBERATING EARTH. History & Anatomy of Cabal Mind Control, Trauma Codes, Traumatic Trance, Lilly Wave, Psychic Warfare, Deprogramming, & Spiritual Awakening, w. Salini Teri Apodaca.

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