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Question everything. Over the past ten years, we've interviewed 1800+ people from around the globe, searching for the truth and exploring the spirit world. We collaborate with renowned thought leaders to unlock your intuition, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration. Everything is a possibility!

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7-01-22: MASS AWAKENING. THE DARK AGENDAS & HOW PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK. Med Beds, Jabs, "the Great Reset", Trafficked & Hybrid Children, Psyops, Depopulation, Hidden Technologies, Remote Viewing, Project Looking Glass, and Lemuria & Atlantis, w. Shoshi Herscu, Investigative Journalist & Activist from Israel.

6-30-22: CHANGING OF THE GUARDS - SHIFT INTO DIVINITY. Why They Programmed "666 as Mark of the Beast", Prophecy of Jesus, Cosmic Mother, Mary Magdalene, w. Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor.


6-24-22: The UFO PHENOMENON, UK Landings, Roswell Alien Autopsy, Abductions, Missing Time, Russia's USO Secrets, w. Philip Mantle UFO Researcher & International Lecturer.

6-21-22: WHO CONTROLS THE WORLD? Occult Elite, 13 Satanic Bloodlines, Black Nobility, Committee of 300, Ashkenazi Jews, Khazarian Mafia, Black Pope, Cabal, Council on Foreign Relations, & more w. Shoshi Herscu, Investigative Journalist & Activist from Israel.

6-19-22: THE PLASMA BODY, Secrets of The Universe, History of Earth, Flower of Life, & much more! w. Salini Teri Apodaca.

6-15-22: VENUS & VENUSIANS, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About! Ascension, Concern for Earth, Valient Thor, Queen Lady Orda, Commander Lady Aura Rhaines, New Technologies, Economic Reform, Why Now? w. Robert Potter, Expert UFO Researcher & Healer.

6-1-22: THE STROKE HACKER. Doctors Said He Would NEVER Speak, Walk, or Live a Normal Life Again! Father, Entrepreneur, & Survivor's Coach Sean Etin, helps stroke & brain injury survivors reclaim their independence back.

GENE DECODE: Defeating The Evil Darkness & Demonic.

5-25-22: ET-UFO Contactee Kevin J. Briggs, on Spiritual Consciousness, On & Off World Experiences, & the Connection to Our Galactic Lineage.

5-24-22: FENG SHUI for PROSPERITY. Feng Shui works with the energy in your home to enhance positive energy flow. Nancy describes it as Reiki for your house!! w. Nancy Richmond, Certified Feng Shui Consultant


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