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Question everything. Over the past ten years, we've interviewed 1500+ people from around the globe, searching for the truth and exploring the spirit world. We collaborate with renowned thought leaders to unlock your intuition, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration. Everything is a possibility!

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1-23-22: LORDS OF LIGHT ACCELERATED EVOLUTION PLAN Downloading Us with Super Charged Encoded Photons of Light Activating Our DNA For This Ascension! w/ Suzanne Ross

1-17-22: 2022 TENACIOUS YEAR! Exposure, Pushback, Pluto In Capricorn, Golden Age Kali Yuga, Reincarnation, Planetary Systems, Karma, & How to Become Peaceful, Steady and Strong in One's Spiritual Practice, w/ Vernon Mahabal, World-Renowned Palmist.

1-16-22: THE AYAHUASCA CALL w/ Tara Crete & Hillis Pugh.

1-14-22: HOLD YOUR HORSES! w/ CATHERINE EDWARDS, Truth Seeker & Animal Communicator on Who is the Master, CrateTraining, Karmic Loops, Animal Telepathy, What They're Saying To Us, Solitary Confinement, Dog Clothes, Death, & more.

1-7-22: (We are the) 7th CIVILIZATION - Return of the MESSIAH. New Era of Humanity, Reality Behind the Reality, Emerald Tablets, Dead Sea Scrolls, Egypt, Horos, Zodiac, Real Meaning Christmas, Valentines, St. Patty’s, & Easter, w/ Michael Feeley.

1-3-22: 2022 NEW GOLDEN AGE of Light Bodies, Operating Systems, & High Council Of Light for Earth w/ Jennifer Ashira Ra & Kendra Divine Purpose Mentor

12-29-21: "We will NEVER be all LIGHT" w/ Dr. Linda Salvin Walk-In, Metaphysical Clinician & World-Renowned Psychic

12-19-21: SOUL FRACTALS, Over-Soul, New Jerusalem, Quantum Leap, Christ & Anti-Christ, Super Powers, & What's To Come in 2022! w/ Kimberly Palm, Spiritual Teacher & Ascension Guide

12-13-21: INTERGALACTIC TWIN-FLAME & Everything In Between! It Gets Fiery...we cover Psychotronic Weapons, Merkaba Light Ship, Universal Guardian Alliance, Federation of Light, Time-Space Continuum, 5D, Lemuria, Elohim Masters, Trump, White Hats, Current Events & more.

12-10-21: STAR MAGIC w/ JERRY SARGEANT World-Renowned Healer. Harnessing Super-Powerful Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies to Receive Energy Upgrades, Open Your Third Eye, Create Prosperity, & Embrace Love.

12-6-21: JOAN OF ANGELS, Get Your Angel Wings On & Step Into The Miraculous! Soul Awakening Guidance and Activations.

12-3-21: ASCENSION JOURNEY, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS! The Prosperity Plan or Poverty Plan - It's Your Choice. You Can Heal Your Life. It's All An Inside Job. w/ Founder of Empower Network, Kornelia Stephanie.

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